Dental Operations


If you are thinking about Dental Treatment in Turkey, it is critical that you be well aware of the procedures, benefits, and treatment techniques. The majority of dentists in Turkey provide excellent dental treatment at far lower prices than in European countries, making Turkey one of the world's most popular dental holiday destinations.

Türkiye is one of the most preferred countries for health tourism in Europe. The reason for this is the advanced technology and service quality in healthcare services, especially in the field of dentistry. Compared to European countries, our country provides more affordable services. Thus, patients can both have their holidays and solve their health problems at affordable costs.

In our clinic, all necessary intraoral dental implants and aesthetic dental treatments are performed for our patients coming from abroad with our state-of-the-art devices. Before coming to our clinic, after you send your panoramic film from the contact section on our website, specialist dentists make a diagnosis and treatment plan and determine the cost and treatment duration.

All dental health services, from implants to pediatric dentistry, are provided in our clinic, which has all imaging systems such as tomography and panoramic x-ray, as well as its own laboratory, follows technology for your health and fully implements hygiene standards.

Pediatric Dentistry

Pedodontics or pediatric dentistry aims to protect the health of milk and permanent teeth of children aged 0-14 and to treat diseases that occur.

Gum Diseases

Even healthy teeth without cavities can be lost due to gum diseases.

Root Canal Treatment

We generally perform root canal treatment for tooth decay that has progressed to the vascular nerve package (pulp chamber) of the tooth.

Prosthetic Teeth

To replace lost teeth, we make prostheses that will serve the same function as healthy teeth, functionally and aesthetically.

Orthodontic Treatment

When tooth sizes are not compatible with the jaw size, the teeth are arranged crookedly or spaced apart to fit into the jaw.

Dental Fillings

We restore your teeth with various procedures and substances in order to restore the functions of your decayed teeth.

Teeth whitening

If your teeth have become yellow over time for various reasons and you want to whiten them, we perform teeth whitening.

Tooth stone cleaning

We perform teeth whitening, gum aesthetics, porcelain veneers, laminate veneers, dental implants, zirconium dental implants and full ceramic dental applications.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Color and shape disorders in the teeth can cause problems, including psychological disorders, in the individual.

Zirconium Application

Due to its white color, light transmittance and durability, it is a groundbreaking veneer type after metal-on-porcelain in dentistry, allowing aesthetic prosthetic treatments in dental treatments.

Implant Treatment

Implants are screws made of titanium used in the treatment of missing teeth and placed inside the jawbone. We place dental prosthesis on these screws.