Oncology Treatments

Our doctors specializing in oncology and implement cancer treatment. Cancer treatment methods include surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapies, immunotherapy and hormonal treatments. The treatment procedure is planned according to the individual needs of the patient and the characteristics of the cancer.

We perform autologous bone marrow transplantation by freezing the marrow we take from the patient and giving high doses of chemotherapy.

In allogeneic bone marrow transplantation, we give the patient the bone marrow we received from the patient's sibling or another donor.

Haploidentical transplantation is a bone marrow transplantation that we receive from a donor that is not fully compatible.

A non-relative transplant is a transplant made with stem cells found in TÜRKÖK.

In addition, stem cell therapy and bone marrow transplants, which are performed very successfully in our center and have a higher recovery rate compared to the treatments performed in Turkey, are successfully applied.

Unrelated allogeneic stem cell transplantation, which is the most difficult to match in Turkey and even in the world, is also carried out successfully in our center, thanks to doctors who are experts in their fields. In addition, autologous stem cell transplantation is also performed.



Our center is the center that has performed the most bone marrow transplant surgeries in Turkey in the last 5 years. Turgut performs over 200 bone marrow transplants annually. Since the day it was first established, nearly 2 thousand transplants have been performed in total. This year, we performed 40 transplants. Mortality rates are very important in every transplant. Accordingly, people focus on the outcome, whether the patient will recover. They follow up on the results of the treatment. In this context, mortality rates in bone marrow transplantation are at European and American standards, which means we are doing a job at world standards. We can say that it is an advanced and experienced center. We are the center where the most difficult transplants are performed.

Our medical center has a capacity of 217 beds and is the most comprehensive and largest oncology hospital in the region with 40 stem cell and bone marrow treatment rooms and 156 oncology and hematology patient rooms.

To become a donor:

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 55 who can donate blood can be a donor. Being a donor has no harm to the donor. We extract the bone marrow from our donor recipient into the surrounding blood, that is, into the veins in the arm, with a needle given under the skin for 5 days. With modern apheresis devices, we connect the veins in the arm on the 5th day and collect only the stem cells from that patient in two hours. It was a painless method.